Thursday, October 24, 2013

GPS Tracker Arduino

You will need:


1 Arduino board
1 SIM900 GSM Shield
1 GPS Receiver (Optional)
1 NPN transistor
2 220 Ohm resistors
RS232 to TTL or USB to TTL  (Optional)
Full Internet Access SIM Card


Arduino sketch
GPS Simulator
GPS Simulator Route file
GPS-Trace Account (FREE)
Bray's terminal


GSM Module from geeetech


Step by Step guide

Step 1

Connect your arduino board as follow:

Note: Use the transistor only if you don't have an RS232 to TTL or USB to TTL cable.

Step 2

Modify the following lines of the arduino code:

line 128: char apn[] = "put_your_APN_here";  

line 460:  mySerial.print("+RESP:GTFRI,02010B,your_SIM900_IMEI_15digits,GL200,0,0,1,1,");

Step 3

Configure your GSM modem to a baud rate of 9600 by sending the command AT+IPR=9600 using the bray's terminal, don't forget to check the option +CR in the send tab.

Note: If you don't have an RS232 to TTL or USB to TTL cable, load the following code into your arduino board, in order to change the baud rate.

//Change baudrate from 115200 to 9600

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial (7,8); //RX, TX  for GSM/GPRS Modem

void setup (){

mySerial.begin(115200); // the baud rate your modem it's currently configured.


void loop(){



Step 4

 Load the arduino sketch into your board.

Step 5

>Install Avangardo GPS Simulator.

>Configure the Serial port baud rate to 4800:

Go to "settings/output settings/serial port"

>Load the "Route file" and press "start".

> Zoom in and Out with the mouse wheel.
>To navigate through the map, press and hold the right mouse button.

Step 6

Open the Arduino Serial Monitor (9600) to verify that the system it's working correctly. If everything it's o.k, you will see the NMEA output printed every 15 seconds, after that time, the communication status of the modem will be printed instead.

If you don't see any data string, double check the connection and verify the communication with the modem and/or GPS simulator.

Step 7

>Go to GPS-Trace and create an account (Free).

>Login  to your account and click the wrench icon.

>Configure your device IMEI, Name and  GPS vendor.

>Select google map (Optional)

Step 8

Restart the track simulation of the GPS simulator and restart your modem. Once the track simulation has ended, you can generate a trajectory with GPS-Trace.

O.K, everything worked flawlessly for me, but the GPS Simulator software time trial has expired, what should I do?

If your are working under  Ubuntu (GNU/Linux ):

>Close the GPS Simulator software
>Go to your home folder.
>Press "Ctrl+l" (L) to display the navigation bar (Ubuntu).
>Open the hidden folder ".wine".
>Delete the files "system.reg" and "user.reg".
>Go to "Drive_c/program Files" and delete the folder "Avangardo".
>Reinstall the GPS Simulator software.

Sorry, but I don't use GNU/Linux. I'm a Windows user.

For windows users, just purchase a license (85.00 USD).

Jeje, I'm just kidding. Please follow this article.

Thanks for reading.